Work Hard, Have Fun
And Make a Difference

Antidot invents innovative technology solutions that help customers make the most of their content and enhance their operating efficiency. A well-established company with a broad customer base, we keep the agility of a startup and offer a fun and friendly work environment.

Whether you are a geek who loves to solve complicated math problems with advanced algorithms, a developer who strives to make products that customers love to use, or not-a-geek-at-all but still don’t mind working around them, we probably have a job for you at Antidot!


The bulk of our open positions are located in France: in Lyon and near Aix-en-Provence (Lambesc to be precise). We also have US operations in Boston and are actively developing business in other countries – many opportunities to be involved with a global and fast-growing project.

Enjoy attractive benefits


Best-in-class health insurance (Mutuelle)

Luncheon vouchers (Tickets Restaurant)

Adjustable schedule

Flexible leave management policy

Family-friendly environment

Real team spirit and friendly atmosphere

Customized training and personal development program

Your choice of Linux or Mac workstation

Hackathons, Ship Its and Weekly Dev experience sharing presentations

Opportunities to attend flagship industry events (Devoxx, DockerCon, MixIt, Agile, Flupa, etc.)

About Lyon

Named “First Startup City in France” by Forbes, Lyon boasts an incredibly dynamic tech scene and a broad innovation ecosystem. Also known for its food scene, Lyon is a vibrant city with rich cultural and nightlife options, it is close to the best ski resorts in the world, and remains an affordable place to live.


About Lambesc

Located in the heart of Provence (20 km from Aix-en-Provence and 40 km from Marseille), Lambesc has a strong historical and cultural heritage. The special character of the village and its beautiful environs make it a very attractive proposition for outdoors enthusiasts and anyone seeking great weather and quality of life.


Open Positions

DevOps – Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

Because Antidot operates its own SaaS solutions, we are strong believers in the DevOps and Continuous Delivery strategies. Our Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) develop and operate software that automate system admin tasks.


  • Within an agile team, you contribute to developing the infrastructure that is used to operate Antidot’s software solutions, and to keeping it up-and-running.
  • You share Antidot’s philosophy that anything that can be automated, should be automated. You use state of the art technologies for software development, configuration management, and deployment. You are curious, continuously looking at new technologies, and not afraid to make suggestions.
  • You provide to developers all the information they need to understand how to use the infrastructure. You work closely with product engineering teams to improve the operability of solutions.


  • Do everything you can to have nothing to do! If needed, spend 3x more time but make sure you won’t have to do it again.
  • Automate everything, monitor everything and do “truly” continuous deployment.
  • Develop infrastructure software with the same tools, the same methods, the same quality and testing than our solutions.
  • Always question what you know, try new solutions, look at what is happening in the open source world and don’t hesitate to contribute.


  • Rigorous and efficient: working under pressure and deadline does not scare you.
  • Flexible and open-minded: you have no prejudice, you always look for the best solution, the best language, the best tool for each problem.
  • Passionate: about your work, about new open source technologies. You wouldn’t mind going to Fosdem.
  • Collaborative: you love to work in a team, you love to learn, share, review and even challenge each other’s code.
  • Innovative: docker 1.13 is already installed on your computer (next to lxd).
  • Your English is fluid (written and spoken).


  • git, gitlab, github, python, ansible, puppet,  gitlabCI, Jenkins, debian, Red Hat/CentOS, AWS, lx[cd], docker, swarm, jira, shinken, ELK, graylog, GLPI, dashio, rundeck, archiva


  • Position based near Aix en Provence (Lambesc) or in Lyon
  • Please send your resume to

C++ Developer

You are a developer with a software engineering degree and you love technology. At Antidot, you will take part into all phases of designing and running high performance, scalable and robust applications, used by clients worldwide to generate millions of queries each day.


  • Design elegant and scalable solutions that use state-of-the-art algorithms and software components developed by Antidot or open source communities.
  • Use powerful tooling (C++11/14, Java 8, NoSQL, Docker) and modern methodologies (DevOps, Scrum, Kanban, Continuous Delivery, Pair Programming, etc.)


  • Graduate or post-graduate in computer science or software engineering.
  • Passionate about development and teamwork.
  • Object oriented programming.
  • Your English is OK: you can read technical documentation and join meetings with clients and coworkers.


  • Continuous Delivery
  • A/B Testing and Feature Flipping
  • Agile Manifesto, Software Craftsmanship
  • Design for Testability, TDD, DDD, Clean Code


  • C++11/14
  • Python 3
  • Web services, REST, distributed architectures
  • NoSQL and SQL databases
  • Linux: distributions, kernel, tuning
  • Docker, containers and containers clusters orchestration


  • Position based near Aix en Provence (Lambesc) or in Lyon
  • Please send your resume to

Full Stack Developer

Antidot is looking for a Full Stack Developer, passionate about learning new technologies and adapting to complex and fast moving environments. You will build HTML5-oriented responsive designs for desktop and mobile platforms relying on our own REST Web Services that you will take in charge. Performance is your concern from server architecture to browser reactivity.

You work well with designers, value a great user experience, and love all things HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You pride yourself in being an early adopter of powerful and fun tech. You look for ways to improve your stack and constantly pay off technical debt and are aware of browser compatibility challenges (like IE).


  • Passionate
  • Working with a team
  • Advanced Object Oriented Programming
  • Advanced JavaScript
  • Advanced CSS
  • HTML5 techniques

Backend skills

  • JVM, Java 8, Python 3.5
  • REST architecture, Play Framework, Restlet
  • MongoDB, MariaDB

Frontend skills

  • MVP, Single Page Application, GWT 2.8


  • Agile Manifesto, Software Craftsmanship
  • TDD, DDD
  • Clean Code, Pair Programming, Code Reviews
  • UX, Persona, Wireframes, Prototypes


  • Groovy, Ceylon
  • SpringBoot, RestX, Node
  • NoSQL, Cassandra, Redis
  • Angular, VueJS, React
  • Handlebars.js, mustache.js
  • Yarn
  • Web Performance (HTTP2, CDN)
  • Devoxx, Mix-it, JUG, Agile Tour, Castcodeurs, The Walking Web


  • Position based near Aix en Provence (Lambesc) or in Lyon
  • Please send your resume to

Project Manager 

You are an experienced project manager looking for a new challenge in leading innovative projects for international customers. At Antidot, you will join an agile team of consultants delivering the limitless potential of our Fluid Topics solution.

Fluid Topics: a game changer for documentation

User guides, technical and reference manuals, installation and maintenance manuals aren’t merely the documentation of products – they are also tools for winning business, increasing customer satisfaction and building loyalty.
Fluid Topics is a turnkey platform for technical content delivery that transforms all forms of static documentation into a lively and interactive online publishing system.


  • Develop a strong expertise on Antidot technologies and especially on Fluid Topics
  • Organize and perform all actions necessary to convince decision-makers of the tremendous return-on-investment they will get
  • Collect and analyze client’s requirements   
  • Track progress of the project, drive acceptance testing
  • Coordinate the work with consultants and internal teams


  • Experience in IT project management.
  • Good technical background as a developer.
  • Strong learning and understanding ability.
  • Your English is fluid (written and spoken).


  • Agile project management
  • Work in close collaboration with international clients
  • Data manipulation and processing

Technical Environment

  • Python 3 and/or Java 8
  • Linux (Debian, RHEL), Docker, Gitlab
  • NoSQL and SQL databases
  • XML technologies: XSL, XSD, DOM, SAX, DITA, Docbook
  • Expertise in search engines would be appreciated


  • Position based in Lyon or near Aix en Provence (Lambesc)
  • Please send your resume to

Internship DevOps

Agile Alliance defines an “Information Radiator” as a “displays which a team places in a highly visible location, so that all team members as well as passers-by can see the latest information at a glance: count of automated tests, velocity, incident reports, continuous integration status, and so on”.

Information Radiators are key elements in a DevOps strategy. They are precious assets for any team using continuous deployment. They allow everyone (part of the team or not) to visualize production status in real time, using a mix of business, functional and system telemetry data.

Teams using Information Radiators can ensure everything is operating properly and are able to react rapidly during outages. They can validate different hypothesis (Lean, …).

Aim of the internship: prototype an Information Radiator for Fluid Topics using a wall mounted tablet.


– Validate that StatsD can be used to inject telemetry data in our Graphite/Grafana technological stack
– Add relevant telemetry items in Fluid Topics (GWT, Java, Python)
– Display them in Grafana
– Overlay graphs with Deployment Events
– Make the different screens cycle on the tablet (“slideshow”)

Antidot is an equal opportunity employer and will consider applicants for all positions based solely on qualifications and suitability for the job. We not only welcome diversity, we actually embrace it and view it as a way to become better, at what we do, and as individuals.