AFS@Store : tutoriels et bonnes pratiques

AFS@Store : tutoriels et bonnes pratiques

Vous trouverez sur cette page l’ensemble des ressources pour tirer le meilleur de votre moteur de recherche.

Bonnes Pratiques AFS@Store

Bien démarrer

Nous vous avons préparé un ensemble de documents qui vous aidera à prendre en main votre moteur de recherche.

Vous pouvez commencer par parcourir le welcome pack et les meilleures pratiques d’intégration. Ces deux documents vous donneront une vue d’ensemble des fonctionnalités.

Tutoriels Vidéo

L’utilisation du Back Office Antidot est détaillée dans des tutoriels vidéo accessibles en ligne.

Si vous êtes utilisateur de notre extension Magento, vous trouverez dans notre centre de ressources un tutoriel vidéo qui vous montre comment configurer votre Magento pour envoyer les bonnes données à votre moteur, et comment afficher les résultats que vous souhaitez.

Documentation Technique

Vous disposez également d’une documentation technique complète accessible en ligne. Vous y trouverez toutes les informations utiles quant aux formats, aux modalité d’appel du moteur en fonction de la plateforme que vous utilisez et du langage de programmation.

Qui peut m’aider

Vous avez accès à notre support technco-fonctionnel, qui communique avec vous grâce à l’outil Mantis. Vous pourrez également vous rapprocher de votre interlocuteur commercial.

N’hésitez en aucun cas à nous contacter, nous souhaitons que vous tiriez le meilleur de votre moteur de recherche AFS@Store, au service de votre business.



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Events to come

Past Events

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Good things come from strong collaborations

Antidot is forging partnerships with global leaders and boutique organizations that integrate our solutions with world-class offerings.

Systems Integrators and Consulting

4D Concept
Business & Decision
SoEasy Search
Web Transition

ISVs and OEMs



Cap Digital
Digital League

Become a partner

Interested in joining Antidot’s Partner Program? Contact us and we will explore partnership opportunities together.



Work Hard, Have Fun
And Make a Difference

Antidot invents innovative technology solutions that help customers make the most of their content and enhance their operating efficiency. A well-established company with a broad customer base, we keep the agility of a startup and offer a fun and friendly work environment.

Whether you are a geek who loves to solve complicated math problems with advanced algorithms, a developer who strives to make products that customers love to use, or not-a-geek-at-all but still don’t mind working around them, we probably have a job for you at Antidot!

The bulk of our open positions are located in France: in Lyon and near Aix-en-Provence (Lambesc to be precise). We also have US operations in Boston and are actively developing business in other countries – many opportunities to be involved with a global and fast-growing project.

About Lyon

Named « First Startup City in France » by Forbes, Lyon boasts an incredibly dynamic tech scene and a broad innovation ecosystem. Also known for its food scene, Lyon is a vibrant city with rich cultural and nightlife options, it is close to the best ski resorts in the world, and remains an affordable place to live.

About Lambesc

Located in the heart of Provence (20 km from Aix-en-Provence and 40 km from Marseille), Lambesc has a strong historical and cultural heritage. The special character of the village and its beautiful environs make it a very attractive proposition for outdoors enthusiasts and anyone seeking great weather and quality of life.

Open Positions

DevOps – Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

Because Antidot operates its own SaaS solutions, we are strong believers in the DevOps and Continuous Delivery strategies. Our Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) develop and operate software that automate system admin tasks.


  • Within an agile team, you contribute to developing the infrastructure that is used to operate Antidot’s software solutions, and to keeping it up-and-running.
  • You share Antidot’s philosophy that anything that can be automated, should be automated. You use state of the art technologies for software development, configuration management, and deployment. You are curious, continuously looking at new technologies, and not afraid to make suggestions.
  • You provide to developers all the information they need to understand how to use the infrastructure. You work closely with product engineering teams to improve the operability of solutions.


  • Do everything you can to have nothing to do! If needed, spend 3x more time but make sure you won’t have to do it again.
  • Automate everything, monitor everything and do “truly” continuous deployment.
  • Develop infrastructure software with the same tools, the same methods, the same quality and testing than our solutions.
  • Always question what you know, try new solutions, look at what is happening in the open source world and don’t hesitate to contribute.


  • Rigorous and efficient: working under pressure and deadline does not scare you.
  • Flexible and open-minded: you have no prejudice, you always look for the best solution, the best language, the best tool for each problem.
  • Passionate: about your work, about new open source technologies. You wouldn’t mind going to Fosdem.
  • Collaborative: you love to work in a team, you love to learn, share, review and even challenge each other’s code.
  • Innovative: docker 1.13 is already installed on your computer (next to lxd).
  • Your English is fluid (written and spoken).


  • git, gitlab, github, python, ansible, puppet,  gitlabCI, Jenkins, debian, Red Hat/CentOS, AWS, lx[cd], docker, swarm, jira, shinken, ELK, graylog, GLPI, dashio, rundeck, archiva


  • Position based near Aix en Provence (Lambesc) or in Lyon
  • Please send your resume to

C++ Developer

You are a developer with a software engineering degree and you love technology. At Antidot, you will take part into all phases of designing and running high performance, scalable and robust applications, used by clients worldwide to generate millions of queries each day.


  • Design elegant and scalable solutions that use state-of-the-art algorithms and software components developed by Antidot or open source communities.
  • Use powerful tooling (C++11/14, Java 8, NoSQL, Docker) and modern methodologies (DevOps, Scrum, Kanban, Continuous Delivery, Pair Programming, etc.)


  • Graduate or post-graduate in computer science or software engineering.
  • Passionate about development and teamwork.
  • Object oriented programming.
  • Your English is OK: you can read technical documentation and join meetings with clients and coworkers.


  • Continuous Delivery
  • A/B Testing and Feature Flipping
  • Agile Manifesto, Software Craftsmanship
  • Design for Testability, TDD, DDD, Clean Code


  • C++11/14
  • Python 3
  • Web services, REST, distributed architectures
  • NoSQL and SQL databases
  • Linux: distributions, kernel, tuning
  • Docker, containers and containers clusters orchestration


  • Position based near Aix en Provence (Lambesc) or in Lyon
  • Please send your resume to

Full Stack Developer

Antidot is looking for a Full Stack Developer, passionate about learning new technologies and adapting to complex and fast moving environments. You will build HTML5-oriented responsive designs for desktop and mobile platforms relying on our own REST Web Services that you will take in charge. Performance is your concern from server architecture to browser reactivity.

You work well with designers, value a great user experience, and love all things HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You pride yourself in being an early adopter of powerful and fun tech. You look for ways to improve your stack and constantly pay off technical debt and are aware of browser compatibility challenges (like IE).


  • Passionate
  • Working with a team
  • Advanced Object Oriented Programming
  • Advanced JavaScript
  • Advanced CSS
  • HTML5 techniques

Backend skills

  • JVM, Java 8, Python 3.5
  • REST architecture, Play Framework, Restlet
  • MongoDB, MariaDB

Frontend skills

  • MVP, Single Page Application, GWT 2.8


  • Agile Manifesto, Software Craftsmanship
  • TDD, DDD
  • Clean Code, Pair Programming, Code Reviews
  • UX, Persona, Wireframes, Prototypes


  • Groovy, Ceylon
  • SpringBoot, RestX, Node
  • NoSQL, Cassandra, Redis
  • Angular, VueJS, React
  • Handlebars.js, mustache.js
  • Yarn
  • Web Performance (HTTP2, CDN)
  • Devoxx, Mix-it, JUG, Agile Tour, Castcodeurs, The Walking Web


  • Position based near Aix en Provence (Lambesc) or in Lyon
  • Please send your resume to

Technical Consultant

Antidot is looking for a technical consultant, working with a senior project leader to support clients in the definition and implementation of their needs.


  • Develop a strong expertise in the development of solutions based on Antidot technologies.
  • Help define the product roadmap.   


  • Developer profile, looking for new challenges through varied and international projects.
  • Experience in object-oriented development, enterprise architecture and continuous integration.
  • Passionate for leading edge technologies such as search engines and machine learning.
  • Interest for agile project management.


  • Degree in computer science.
  • Design and implementation of innovative solutions.
  • Project work in close collaboration with clients.
  • Your English is fluid (written and spoken).

Technical Environment

  • Python 3 and/or Java 8
  • Linux (Debian, RHEL), Docker, Git, Jenkins
  • NoSQL and SQL databases
  • XML technologies: XSL, XSD, DOM, SAX, DITA, Docbook
  • Expertise in search engines would be appreciated


  • Position based in Lyon or near Aix en Provence (Lambesc)
  • Consultants are encouraged to attend conferences such as Devoxx, Mix It, Agile Tour, etc.
  • Please send your resume to

Presales Engineer

Antidot is looking for a world-class Presales Engineer, in a dynamic and international environment.


  • Perform demonstrations of our solutions in the specific context of a customer.
  • Organize and perform all actions necessary to convince decision-makers of the tremendous return-on-investment they will get.
  • Analyze needs and challenges.
  • Realize and present demo environments and proof-of-concept projects.
  • Reply to RFIs and technical questions.
  • Estimate project workload.


  • Ability to identify and understand business needs and technical requirements, regardless of vertical; suggest suitable solutions.
  • Curiosity toward technology innovation in the data and web domains.
  • Make suggestions and convince prospects.
  • Strong customer relationship and sales fit.
  • Technical knowledge in XML, Python, JSON, CSS is required to build the demo environments.
  • Fluency in English required.


  • Degree in computer science preferred
  • Minimum 2 year experience as a project lead or presales
  • Position based in Lyon
  • Please send your resume to

Antidot is an equal opportunity employer and will consider applicants for all positions based solely on qualifications and suitability for the job. We not only welcome diversity, we actually embrace it and view it as a way to become better, at what we do, and as individuals.




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Legal Terms

Legal Terms

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Personal data

The information you provide to us, notably at the time of registration, regarding your preferences and areas of interest is used to suggest products and services suited to your needs.

This information is essential in the event that request information or ask to be contacted by a sales representative, and in order to send you the Antidot Newsletters. It will be used by Antidot alone for the purpose of customer surveys, analysis, and sales and marketing campaigns. This information is confidential and will remain in the exclusive possession of Antidot.

In accordance with Article 34 of the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to view and correct any data concerning you by contacting us.

Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics

Unlock the delivery of technical content through any channel

A game changer for documentation

User guides, technical and reference manuals, installation and maintenance manuals aren’t merely the documentation of your products – they are also tools for winning business, increasing customer satisfaction and building loyalty.

  • Watch VideoWatch VideoWatch VideoWatch Video

Reinventing the user experience

For users, there is nothing more frustrating than browsing thousands of pages of HTML content, perusing dozens of PDF manuals – usually poorly cross-referenced and with extremely limited searching capabilities.

With Fluid Topics, you (almost magically) transform static documentation into a lively, simple and interactive online publishing system. All of a sudden, your users can browse, read, search, annotate, comment, create alerts, send feedback to writers – and even create personalized documentation.


Intuitive and ready to run

Fluid Topics offers a rich and intuitive user experience on all desktops and tablets. By increasing accessibility to your documentation and promoting the variety of ways in which it can be used, you reduce support costs, increase customer satisfaction and expand the commitment of your ecosystem.

Fluid Topics is a complete solution that is immediately operational. You can either use the out-of-the box full-featured and highly customizable portal, or you can insert graphic and functional widgets in an existing site or extranet, and even integrate Fluid Topics into your applications and information system using the rich platform APIs.

Technology-driven platform

Based on Antidot’s ultra-fast semantic search engine and advanced classification technology, Fluid Topics offers natively all the functions your users expect: smart autocomplete, spellchecking, filters for dynamically refining searches, search suggestions, application of your business dictionaries, and more.

Fluid Topics embeds all of Antidot’s technology and know-how in a packaged solution optimized for technical documentation.


Fluid Topics is a SaaS platform that unifies all forms of technical documentation that exist for your products and reinvents its usability and accessibility for users.



Searchandising E-commerce

The embedded e-commerce search engine that boosts your business by 30%

Stop wasting business

73% of e-commerce visitors leave a website within 2 minutes if they don’t find the product they’re looking for. You invest a lot in traffic acquisition, don’t let these visitors go to waste. Optimizing your on-site search is essential: improve it to leverage your marketing strategy and your existing merchandising rules.

AFS@Store is a SaaS solution, easy to integrate in your website or e-commerce platform and that provides the most advanced searchandising features. AFS@Store customers report an increase in conversion rates of 30% or more.

Guide your visitors


As soon as they enter a few characters in the search box, Web users are guided by a smart auto-complete function powered by your business data. AFS@Store suggests keywords, brands, products, product categories and more.

The tool detects spelling and typing errors and a semantic extension algorithm, based on customizable thesauruses or dictionaries, can suggest a “vermilion skirt” to a Web shopper searching for a “red skirt”.


AFS@Store fills out the list of search results with contextual hierarchical facets, so that visitors can refine their search in order to find the products they want more quickly.

Each field in your catalog can be used to create selection filters, and you can also define customized facets for certain product categories or families, or even for each merchandising strategy.

Understand shoppers behavior

With its visual, intuitive interface, AFS@Store provides everything you need in order to monitor your search engine’s technical performance, including response times and system load, and also to understand the behavior of your search engine’s users: you can analyze a list of the most frequent queries, of queries that received no response, of the facets most commonly used, etc.


M-commerce ready

AFS@Store’s functional, ergonomic and graphic integration runs within a multi-channel, multi-screen front office: PCs, smartphones, tablets, connected TV, etc.

AFS@Store is natively designed for mobile applications, whether they’re dedicated applications or web apps. It’s also optimized for use on mobile networks, with a reduced volume of information exchanged between the server and the terminal.

And with AFS@Store’s geolocalized search functions keyed to the address of each shop, you can drive traffic to your point of sale via your website or mobile application!

« In the first month alone, we increased by 212% the conversions, got 128% more transactions, and multiplied by 5 the number of orders generated by a search. »

Pascal Sanchez, General Manager, Expé

Ready to run and integrated with your e-commerce platform

AFS@Store is offered as an industrial Software-as-a-Service solution. It unloads your infrastructure: the highly scalable cloud architecture guarantees responses in milliseconds, even during peak times. Don’t invest in an oversized platform just to cope with holiday season and sales traffic peaks!

Setup takes just a few hours and you enjoy a flexibly priced monthly subscription with no upfront investment needed. Or you can integrate the product into your e-commerce platform and manage it internally.

AFS@Store is compatible with leading e-commerce platforms including Magento, PrestaShop, OScommerce and OXID eSales. It also integrates with most web stacks: PHP, Java, .NET and more.


For Magento-based sites, AFS@Store is available as a plug & play extension that integrates advanced search right into Magento, replacing the default search engine in just a few clicks.


AFS@Store can be embedded into any PrestaShop site. Its search module replaces the default search option of PrestaShop through a very simple configuration.


AFS@Store – FR

Searchandising E-commerce

Le moteur de recherche e-commerce intégré qui booste votre business de 30%

Arrêtez de perdre du business

73% des visiteurs de d’un site de e-commerce électronique quittent ce site s’ils ne trouvent pas le produit qu’ils recherchent dans les 2 minutes. Vous investissez dans l’acquisition de trafic, ne perdez pas ces visiteurs. L’optimisation de votre recherche sur site est essentielle: améliorez-la pour tirer parti de votre stratégie de marketing et de vos règles de merchandising existantes!

AFS @ Store est une solution SaaS, facile à intégrer dans votre site Web ou votre plate-forme e-commerce et qui offre les fonctionnalités de recherche et d’avancée les plus avancées.

Guidez vos visiteurs


Dès qu’ils entrent quelques caractères dans le moteur de recherche, les internautes sont guidés par une fonction d’auto-complètion intelligente alimentée par vos données métier. AFS@Store suggère des mots-clés, des marques, des produits, des catégories de produits et plus encore.

L’outil détecte les fautes d’orthographe et de frappe et un algorithme d’extension sémantique, basé sur des thésaurus ou des dictionnaires personnalisables, peut suggérer une « jupe vermillon » à un acheteur Web à la recherche d’une « jupe rouge ».


AFS@Store enrichit la liste des résultats de recherche avec des facettes hiérarchiques contextuelles, afin que les visiteurs puissent affiner leur recherche et trouver plus rapidement les produits qu’ils souhaitent.

Chaque champ de votre catalogue peut être utilisé pour créer des filtres de sélection et vous pouvez également définir des facettes personnalisées pour certaines catégories de produits ou familles, voire pour chaque stratégie de merchandising.

Comprendre le comportement des acheteurs

Avec son interface visuelle et intuitive, AFS@Store fournit tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour surveiller les performances techniques de votre moteur de recherche, y compris les temps de réponse et la charge du système, ainsi que pour comprendre le comportement des utilisateurs de votre moteur de recherche : vous pouvez analyser les requêtes les plus fréquentes, les requêtes qui n’ont pas reçu de réponse, les facettes les plus couramment utilisées, etc.


Prêt pour le mobile

L’intégration fonctionnelle, ergonomique et graphique de AFS@Store fonctionne sur tout device : PC, smartphones, tablettes, téléviseurs connectés, etc.

AFS@Store est conçu de façon native pour le mobile – applications dédiées ou applications Web. Il est également optimisé pour l’utilisation sur les réseaux mobiles, avec un volume réduit d’informations échangées entre le serveur et le terminal.

Et avec les fonctions de recherche géolocalisées d’AFS@Store liées à l’adresse de chaque magasin, vous pouvez générer du trafic vers votre point de vente via votre site web ou votre application mobile !

« Dès le premier mois d’utilisation d’AFS@Store, nous avons pu mesurer une hausse de 212% du taux de conversion après recherche, une hausse de 128% du volume de transactions après recherche et la multiplication par 5 du nombre de commandes après recherche »

Pascal Sanchez, directeur général de Expé

Prêt à fonctionner et intégré avec votre plate-forme e-commerce

AFS@Store est offert en tant que SaaS. Il décharge votre infrastructure : l’architecture cloud très évolutive garantit des réponses en millisecondes, même pendant les heures de pointe. N’investissez pas dans une plate-forme surdimensionnée pour faire face à la saison des soldes et aux pics de trafic !

L’installation ne prend que quelques heures et vous bénéficiez d’un abonnement mensuel à prix raisonnable sans investissement initial. Vous pouvez également intégrer le produit dans votre plate-forme de commerce électronique et le gérer en interne.

AFS@Store est compatible avec les principales plates-formes de e-commerce, notamment Magento, PrestaShop, OScommerce et OXID eSales. Il s’intègre également à la plupart des technologies Web: PHP, Java, .NET et plus encore.


Pour les sites basés sur Magento, AFS@Store est disponible en extension plug & play qui intègre la recherche avancée dans Magento, en remplaçant le moteur de recherche par défaut en quelques clics.


AFS@Store peut être intégré à n’importe quel site PrestaShop. Son module de recherche remplace le moteur de recherche par défaut de PrestaShop par une configuration très simple.



About Antidot

Information is the key to performance for any organization – the key to learning about its customers, its partners, its markets, and even itself

Antidot’s mission is to design innovative and highly configurable software solutions that help customers make the most of their content and enhance their operating efficiency.

Antidot’s responsibility is to provide support that customers need to gain the maximum benefit from technology.

Antidot is a software vendor specialized in semantic search, content enrichment and dynamic content delivery. Since 1999, the company has been focused on delivering the most advanced expertise and technology to businesses around the globe. Antidot’s products have received multiple awards, and are considered as an industry leader for their relevance, performance and functional coverage.




Fabrice Lacroix

CEO & founder

Fabrice is both a serial entrepreneur and a technology pioneer. During the early years of the internet boom, he launched Infonie, the first publicly traded French ISP and founded, an online gaming platform, before tackling the vast challenge of information mapping and retrieval. A developer and mathematician at heart, he has a profound ability to understand market needs and trends and to execute on a vision. Fabrice is a graduate from ENSIMAG and holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Imperial College London.


Stéphane Loesel

CTO & co-founder

After graduating from ENSIMAG in Grenoble and obtaining a masters degree in computing science from Imperial College London, Stéphane began his career as a developer in software engineering for telematics. He later managed compilation tools used for security code production (e.g., for the driverless Météor metro line in Paris and other rail lines) at Steria. As Technical Director of Antidot, he oversees the production of robust, high-performance and innovative software.


Jérôme Mainka, PhD

Chief Scientist & co-founder

Jérôme, who holds a doctorate in computing science from Université Paris-IX Dauphine, initially worked on optimization methods for very large computer systems. He then served in various senior leadership roles in the private sector. As Antidot’s head of research, Jérôme designs the foundations of Antidot’s solutions, convinced that the latest statistical analysis methods carry the potential to revolutionize the world of information processing.


Karine Lignel

CM-CIC Innovation

Karine is Executive Director and CEO of CM-CIC Innovation and serves on Antidot’s Board of Directors.


Christophe Dumoulin

Independent Director

Christophe is CEO of Business & Decision and President of Axeleo. He serves as an independent Director on Antidot’s Board.




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Where to find us


58 avenue Debourg
69007 Lyon
Tel: +33 4 72 76 03 80

R&D Center

29 rue Jean Monnet
13410 Lambesc
Tel: +33 4 42 63 67 90

US Operations

185 Alewife Brook Parkway
Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel: +1 844 387 8778

Contact Antidot

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Check your email for details on your request.



Taruqa is the most advanced search technology available to the enterprise
It connects all your information to any delivery channel, adding context to searches and providing results that are always relevant

Go beyond the search box


In a world of apps, virtual assistants and augmented reality, your users don’t access information the way they used to. The necessity to feed existing information sources into these new consumption devices dramatically increases complexity: where the type of content used to dictate the delivery channel, now the content has to fit into the channel.

Virtual agents such as Siri or Cortana, messaging platforms and virtual reality devices account for an always-growing share of searches, and set a new standard for user expectations. Sounds out of reach? It isn’t. Taruqa’s insight engine provides your conduit to these modern interactions and opens a world of possibilities for your business.

Tomorrow is about context and relevance

Like never before, the search function needs to adapt to the context of the query and to the preferences of the user. It needs to dynamically integrate more and more parameters to deliver targeted, personalized and contextual results. It also needs to address diversified and unstructured content.

And unlike before, results need to be accurate and relevant. Gone are the pages of approximate search results users have to browse through. Taruqa’s insight engine alleviates all limitations of existing search engines and allows you to deploy the most advanced search-based applications.


The query is the equation

Taruqa’s query language provides the highest degree of flexibility in how the rank of each result is computed for a given query. The selection and scoring function of information is not hard-coded nor hidden in the indexing or document evaluation process. It is rather expressed in each query in a high-level structured language, human-readable.

Taruqa compiles on-the-fly the search query into a mathematical equation used to evaluate and rank results. Any attribute can be used dynamically. And thanks to the underlying consistent model, the relevance is simply the highest that can be achieved.

Beyond semantic content

Taruqa accounts for any type of items in the same consistent and robust model: textual terms, booleans, numbers, quantities, etc. Any of the metadata and parameters can be used dynamically to express queries.

Because Taruqa analyzes content beyond just text, it can relate and compare “twenty feet” and “1 kilometer”, but also “July 4, 2017” and “today”. Whatever may increase relevance, Taruqa easily takes it into account: document freshness, content rating, number of ‘likes’, product availability, etc.

Flexible facets

Within the search query, any facet can be treated as a hard filter, or simply as a priority or sorting criteria. This makes it easy to customize queries at search time, in order to optimize the relevance and precision of the results. Because of the dynamic nature of the query, switching between ‘filter’ facets and ‘priority’ facets is a no brainer and impacts directly the results returned.

With Taruqa’s flexible facets, a search ‘within 50 miles’ will still return hits located 52 miles away, but will rank them lower. And a search for ‘items between $50 and $99’ can also include $49 and $100 results.



High performance content classification driven by machine learning
Automatically add tags to all your documents based on their full content,
not just the metadata

Why classification matters

Content agility

Create consistency: tags learned from one source are automatically applied to others.

Transparently file documents in the right location in your ECM or archival system to locate them more easily.


Information discovery

Boost accessibility: tags are as many filters that enable users to search for relevant content.

Find documents contextualized to the user’s profile and generate customized recommendations.


Customer intimacy

Analyze support tickets, emails, forum posts and more to detect topics and react appropriately.

Route inbound requests based on subjects and urgency.

How it works

Classifier uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically detect the characteristics of documents. Each tag is associated with a unique signature that is subsequently used to select which tags to apply to new documents. Ongoing quality control provides a feedback loop that adjusts incorrect tagging, increasing precision over time.

Training phase

In the learning phase, Classifier creates its semantic signature repository. By providing a subset of already tagged documents, you can greatly accelerate this phase. If such a set does not exist, a web-based workbench guides you through the initial tagging. Antidot’s Active Learning technology drastically reduces the effort by guiding you in the selection of a representative sample of documents.


Classification phase

Once trained, you can inject into Classifier your full document corpus for initial, batch tagging. Then, on an ongoing basis, every new document is processed in real-time. Tagging of each document takes only a few milliseconds, making it easy to integrate classification into any business
or IT process.

Feedback and quality control

Classifier’s self-evaluation capability prevents over-fitting and under-training bias. At any time, you can visualize a report on the quality of the training, with metrics for each tag. Ongoing quality control lets you iterate to improve the precision of the tagging, with the modified signature repository being made available in real-time to the industrial classification process.


Efficiency and precision

Implementing Classifier is fast and easy, it requires no technical expertise. Entirely UI based, the product drives you through the implementation and ensures a short time-to-value. Its use of the most advanced machine learning algorithms guarantees the precision of the outcome, even when only a limited reference corpus is available.



Classifier applies any number of tags to each document, regardless of the structure of your classifications (lists or trees), and no matter how deep or wide they are.



Classifier is language agnostic. It seamlessly handles your multilingual corpus by automatically detecting the language of each document.


Easy to integrate

Through RESTful APIs, Classifier integrates easily with any web application or software package. It handles documents in batch or as a flow, tagging a document in just milliseconds.


Put enterprise content to work

Content technologies

Get the most out of enterprise content to drive true digital transformation: turn massive amounts of raw content into actionable information, reinvent the way people access and use that content for higher efficiency.


Revolutionary search technology that powers true insight engines


High performance content classification driven by machine learning

Enterprise solutions

Leverage the most advanced content technologies, packaged in turnkey solutions that solve concrete challenges of digital transformation through innovation and provide immediate ROI.

Fluid Topics

Dynamic Delivery of technical content

Turn technical documentation into a game changer

Reinvent the user experience when interacting with documentation

Get up and running quickly with a rich and intuitive portal


Embedded e-commerce search engine

Stop wasting business, let users find products

Guide visitors with smart, contextual search

Ready to run and integrated with leading e-commerce platforms

Trusted by over 120 companies



Put enterprise content to work

Content technologies

Get the most out of enterprise content to drive true digital transformation: turn massive amounts of raw content into actionable information, reinvent the way people access and use that content for higher efficiency.


Revolutionary search technology that powers true insight engines


High performance content classification driven by machine learning

Enterprise solutions

Leverage the most advanced content technologies, packaged in turnkey solutions that solve concrete challenges of digital transformation through innovation and provide immediate ROI.

Fluid Topics

Dynamic Delivery of technical content

Turn technical documentation into a game changer

Reinvent the user experience when interacting with documentation

Get up and running quickly with a rich and intuitive portal


Embedded e-commerce search engine

Stop wasting business, let users find products

Guide visitors with smart, contextual search

Ready to run and integrated with leading e-commerce platforms

Trusted by over 120 companies