About Antidot

Information is the key to performance for any organization – the key to learning about its customers, its partners, its markets, and even itself

Antidot’s mission is to design innovative and highly configurable software solutions that help customers make the most of their content and enhance their operating efficiency.

Antidot’s responsibility is to provide support that customers need to gain the maximum benefit from technology.

Antidot is a software vendor specialized in semantic search, content enrichment and dynamic content delivery. Since 1999, the company has been focused on delivering the most advanced expertise and technology to businesses around the globe. Antidot’s products have received multiple awards, and are considered as an industry leader for their relevance, performance and functional coverage.




Fabrice Lacroix

CEO & founder

Fabrice is both a serial entrepreneur and a technology pioneer. During the early years of the internet boom, he launched Infonie, the first publicly traded French ISP and founded Zonejeux.com, an online gaming platform, before tackling the vast challenge of information mapping and retrieval. A developer and mathematician at heart, he has a profound ability to understand market needs and trends and to execute on a vision. Fabrice is a graduate from ENSIMAG and holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Imperial College London.


Stéphane Loesel

CTO & co-founder

After graduating from ENSIMAG in Grenoble and obtaining a masters degree in computing science from Imperial College London, Stéphane began his career as a developer in software engineering for telematics. He later managed compilation tools used for security code production (e.g., for the driverless Météor metro line in Paris and other rail lines) at Steria. As Technical Director of Antidot, he oversees the production of robust, high-performance and innovative software.


Jérôme Mainka, PhD

Chief Scientist & co-founder

Jérôme, who holds a doctorate in computing science from Université Paris-IX Dauphine, initially worked on optimization methods for very large computer systems. He then served in various senior leadership roles in the private sector. As Antidot’s head of research, Jérôme designs the foundations of Antidot’s solutions, convinced that the latest statistical analysis methods carry the potential to revolutionize the world of information processing.


Karine Lignel

CM-CIC Innovation

Karine is Executive Director and CEO of CM-CIC Innovation and serves on Antidot’s Board of Directors.


Christophe Dumoulin

Independent Director

Christophe is CEO of Business & Decision and President of Axeleo. He serves as an independent Director on Antidot’s Board.